December 1862

December 1, 1862

In school. Nothing new.

December 2, 1862

In school. Nothing new.

December 3, 1862

In school. Sent [my reference] recommendations to Dr. Wright.

December 4, 1862

In school. Rainy.

December 5, 1862

In school.

December 6, 1862

Down the street. (Paid $20.00 for November board.)

December 7, 1862


December 8, 1862

In school.

December 9, 1862

In school. Nothing new.

December 10, 1862

In school. Nothing new. Got three classes in French, one in Greek, five in Latin, two in Geometry & Algebra, one in Philosophy, & one in Chemistry. (Paid $1.50 for tobacco.)

December 11, 1862

In school. Nary thing strange or ludicrous.

December 12, 1862

In school. Nothing new.

December 13, 1862

Rainy. Down the street.

December 14, 1862

Sunday. Rainy all day. (Paid 50 cents for cutting hair.)

December 15, 1862

Rainy. At school one session. Called on [Capt.] Syberg.

December 16, 1862

In school.

December 17, 1862

In school.

December 18, 1862

In school.

December 19, 1862

In school. Evening, at speaking.

December 20, 1862

Went hunting. Killed a pigeon.

December 21, 1862

Sunday. Sick at home all day.

December 22, 1862

In school. Called on [the widow,] Mrs. Caldwell.

December 23, 1862

In school. (Paid $5.00 for books and $6.50 for candy.)

December 24, 1862

In school. Gave the boys presents and all of them candy. They felt pleased.

December 25, 1862

Down the street. At [Capt.] Syberg’s.

Goodrich obtained his conscription exemption papers before the 27 December 1862 deadline announced in this Arkansas Weekly Gazette notice

December 26, 1862

At home. Down the street. Saw Dr. Watkins. Wants me to go down in the country to teach.

At [Capt.] Syberg’s. Got my [conscription] exemption papers ($2.00).

December 27, 1862

Down at [Capt.] Syberg’s. Reading.

December 28, 1862

Saw Eagen. At [Capt.] Syberg’s.

December 29, 1862

Down the street. Took a ride on [Capt.] Syberg’s horse.

December 30, 1862

Evening, at [Ernest] Wiedemann’s. It was his birthday.

December 31, 1862

Reading. Saw Charley Wait [and he] is coming to [my school].


Probably Robert A. Watkins, a 49 year-old physician in Little Rock who was also a planter with 21 slaves in 1860.

Charles Edmund Wait (b. 3 November 1849; d. 25 November 1923). Charley was the son of William B. Wait (1808-1892) and Martha Lavinia Reardon (1809-1864). All are buried in Mt. Holly Cemetery in Little Rock.

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