September 1865

September 1, 1865

Dull day. Business bad. Lange sold his horse for 99 dollars in gold to [J. B.] Tyler who was in the Capital Guards. Sold ambulance & harness for 100 dollars. I went out in the ambulance with the purchaser about one mile. He was a Capt. A.Q.M. in Confederate States from Missouri by the name of Bogiss [Boggess ?]. I walk back. Came back like a streak of blue lightning. He took a fancy to one. Tyler looks better than when I saw him [last]. He is fat. We got drunk before he left.

September 2, 1865

In saloon. Business pretty good.

September 3, 1865

Sunday. Lange got me up about three. He started for Little Rock before sun up. Had a crack on a nigger.

September 4, 1865

In saloon. Got along well. Business dull. In evening, went to Weisel’s store with Dr. Dunlop [Dunlap ?].

September 5, 1865

In saloon. Col. Wyatt C. Thomas asked me to take an oyster supper with him. I got drunk.

September 6, 1865

In saloon. The Provost Marshal with nearly all the officers came in at night. They all got drunk.

September 7, 1865

In saloon.

September 8, 1865

In saloon. The officers had a spree at Capt. Montgomery’s. All drunk.

September 9, 1865

In saloon. Kept sober. Called on Wiedemann. He told me that he had a dream & he saw me in San Antonio, Texas & I was sick and afterwards he saw me in New York City a wealthy man. Capt. J. D. Adams has been here. He said he wanted me to go back to Little Rock and teach his boys. Jones of the Pantograph here. He goes back to the Rock Sunday. Wiedemann is sick.

September 10, 1865

Sunday. Called on Wiedemann. Got book to read. Business pretty good.

September 11, 1865

Business dull.

September 12, 1865

In saloon.

September 13, 1865

In saloon. Last night Wessel & I sat at the door till after nine to see a woman. She did not come. We went to a nigger dance. We did not go in. White soldiers were dancing with them. Tonight, Bob Thomas had an oyster supper. He asked me [but] I did not go.

September 14, 1865

Lange came in about noon & brought Kurst & his barkeeper along with him. He is mad at me. I slept with Weisel at his store.

September 15, 1865

Lange is very mad. He think that I have sold more goods than I have money for. Called on Wiedemann. Rainy. Went into town some. Slept with Weisel. Lange’s goods came in this evening.

September 16, 1865

In saloon.

September 17, 1865

Sunday. Lange got mad. Said my month was out & must leave. He said I had cheated him out of two hundred dollars. I suggested to go to the Rock with.  Patty Lange searched my carpet bag.

September 18, 1865

Broke down a little way from Washington. I went back, saw Weisel. He is mad at Lange [and] so is Kurst. We stayed all night at Major McGilt’s 12 miles from town. Saw Lou Miller there.

September 19, 1865

Got near Antoine [Arkansas].

September 20, 1865

Stopped at Antoine in morning. Got whiskey. Stayed there all day to get another team to haul some cotton.

September 21, 1865

Started from Antoine about noon. Got beyond Spoonsville. Jack Morrison in with a train going to the Rock. Dr. Bramion is with him.

September 22, 1865

Came to Arkadelphia [Arkansas]. Tipped over coming down a hill before we got to the town. Got into the Ouachita bottoms. Stayed all night at the bridge.

September 23, 1865

Gone through the Ouachita bottom. Came into the military road. Got to Rockport. The country is woody & near Rockport [is] hilly & rocky.

September 24, 1865

Sunday. Left Rockport. Last night we had a rain. Rainy today. The night we stopped at the bridge, September 22, we saw in the sky something like a shooting star but long like a comet shoot nearly half across the sky & fade. A few minutes after, we heart a retort not like thunder, nor that of cannon, but like a distant, but distinct, explosion of a mine.

The boys killed a pig where we were encamped last night. Grass & Strong came up. They say that Lange sued Everest, the sutler of the 12 Michigan, and laid an attachment on his stock for what he owed him. He turned round & had Lange shut up for selling whiskey to soldiers. Good enough.

September 25, 1865

Rained last night. Came on to Benton. Saline bottom bad. Got whiskey in Benton. Camped this side of Benton about eight miles. Rained pretty badly. Wet through. Slept in perfectly wet blankets.

September 26, 1865

Travelling. Came to within 5 miles of town. Came up with Dr. B______ & Jack Morrison.

September 27, 1865

Got into town [Little Rock] in morning. Cole & Newton had been trying to get me out of my house. Went up & paid [Mrs.] Fulton two months rent ($100 for July and August). Went down street. Went on a spree with Jack [Morrison] & Dr. B______. The Dr. wants me to go to his place in winter at Springhill near Washington to teach his children.

September 28, 1865

Looking about. Went to George’s to see Syberg. Alex George’s son Henry is dead while I was gone. Cole took possession of my room and turned everything topsy. _____ ordered everyone to get out. He was going to take possession. He wanted to sell all my things at auction. He took off my _____  ____, lost my pen, & then rummaged about in my drawers and stole some jewelry from a trunk, tore up my books, put a whiskey barrel full of whiskey in my room & wanted to get my clothing to wear. Cole & Newton are both common rascals — perfect knaves. Newton said he took the house from the agent. I saw Major Shill. He said he never told Cole he could have it nor Newton either. They are mean cheating low down dogs.

September 29, 1865

Sent letter home. Got one from home. Saw Syberg. Been looking round to get something to do. Saw Capt. Patton. The Collector of Revenue, he says, maybe he will take me as a clerk. It looks as if I cannot get anything to do. Oh God, grant that I may get into something. Rainy this afternoon. Reading.

September 30, 1865

Looking around.


Wyatt Thomas married Charlotte Collins, 6/5/1870, Hempstead Co.; hcmr  Editor of the Pine Bluff Weekly Press in 1869? Was Asst. Adjutant General of Fagan’s Division during the Civil War.

This may have been Biela’s Comet.

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