October 1865

October 1, 1865

Sunday. Major came here to see about repairing the place.

October 2, 1865

Down street. Looking about to get something to do.

October 3, 1865

Down street. Lange is back but he won’t speak to me.

October 4, 1865

Down street. Find nothing to do.

October 5, 1865

Down street. Saw Ed Everest & Capt. Montgomery. Saw Capt. Patton. The U.S. Revenue Collector could not give me a place. Saw White. He has a saloon and restaurant. Said perhaps he could give me a place.

October 6, 1865

Down street. Nothing to do, nor can I get anything it seems. Saw Fauche. Talking about going in with me at the Market. Mick Egan wants me to revise my poem & he will publish it.

October 7, 1865

At home writing.

October 8, 1865

Sunday. Got drunk. Schriefer wants me to buy him out.

October 9, 1865

Went into Schriefer’s saloon with Fauche.

October 10, 1865

At saloon. Borrowed $75.00 of Mick Egan. Had a quarrel with Capt. Montgomery at my house. He was raising hell with a nigro woman. Had a pistol & wanted to shoot a man who was sleeping with Katy, his woman. Wanted to shoot me.

October 11 through October 20, 1865

At saloon. [Editors note: All entries the same between these dates. Goodrich appears to have purchased an interest in Schriefer’s saloon with Fauche. Also appears from the following entry that Schriefer’s plan to partner with Lange failed and Schriefer returned to run his own saloon.]

October 21, 1865

At saloon. Schriefer came back. Could not agree with Lange.

October 22, 1865


October 23 through October 28, 1865

At saloon.  [Editor’s note: All entries the same between these dates.]

October 29, 1865

Sunday. At saloon. Very cold. Sleeted & rain.

October 30, 1865

At saloon.

October 31, 1865

At saloon.

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