September 1862

Goodrich's Ad for "The Second Session" of the "Little Rock Boy's School" in the Arkansas Weekly Gazette, 30 August 1862. Goodrich charged $4 for English branches per pupil. $1 for Ancient Languages.

September 1, 1862

Began school. Had 14 boys. Got money at office. Mrs. Eddy here.

September 2, 1862

In school. 15 boys. Mr. Mathews has 25. I don’t see how it is.

September 3, 1862

In school. Nothing new.

Mathews competing advertisement for the "Little Rock High School" also appearing in the Arkansas Weekly Gazette on 30 August 1862.

September 4, 1862

In school. Hard work. Feel tired & worn out. I do not think I will make much. I hope I may.

September 5, 1862

In school. K___ wants to send two, so I think I will have 19 [boys] Monday.

September 6, 1862

Saturday. Down the street. Got a French book at Graves’ & my Italy at Dodge’s. Reading. Nothing new. I got up about five in the morning [to] study Spanish about an hour & wrote & read till school time. At noon, read & write. After school, read & write, and walk after supper an hour. Evening, read out loud for Mrs. Adamson or not. This is my order of work now. Hereafter, I shall study Spanish, French & German at spare time & write only in the morning.

September 7, 1862

Sunday. At church. Rained today. News of a fight at Manassas & we beat.

September 8, 1862

In school. Had two new boys. Saw Dan Ringo. He is [now] Lieut. Col. [and] is over at Austin. Bought a coat for 14 dollars. Lent 20 dollars to [Ernest] Wiedemann. At his house tonight. This morning, I was trying to make it with the [negro] girl here & my door was open & just was Miss Eddy’s room, & I had every reason to believe she was in there & must have heard me. I saw her walking down the street & must have come out from the room a little after. The family were going out in the wagon & I understood she was going also. But it surprised me to see her going down. I heard the gate creak & looked out & saw as I supposed her. I went down in a terrible state of excitement & was till dinner when I asked Mrs. Adamson if Miss Eddy rode down with her. She said she did. Miss Eddy [has] gone away.

September 9, 1862

In school. Rainy. Boys troublesome today. Nothing new.

September 10, 1862

In school. Mrs. McRae paid [her school bill]. Roger is coming to school. Went to Major Schull’s to get wood ($6.75). Rain.

September 11, 1862

In school. Nothing new. Got load of wood. Paid three dollars for it.

September 12, 1862

In school. Got more wood ($6.25). Nothing new.

September 13, 1862

Saturday. More wood ($3.00). At Graves’. Got a stove. Down the street. Reading & writing at [Ernest] Wiedemann’s in the evening.

September 14, 1862

Sunday. Sick with diarrhea.

September 15, 1862

In school. H. Dyer left school. I am afraid I will not have many.

September 16, 1862

In school. Dull. Rainy at night. Warm.

September 17, 1862

In school. Feel sick.

September 18, 1862

Holiday. Saw Joe Reeside, drinking beer & whiskey &c. Reading.

September 19, 1862

In school. Finished Dicken’s Curiosity Shop. Nothing new.

September 20, 1862

Down the street. At Graves’. Nothing new.

September 21, 1862


September 22, 1862

In school. Judge [Elbert H.] English came to see me [and asked] if I could take his son [Payton into my school].

September 23, 1862

In school. It is said that Dr. [Roderick L.] Dodge is taken prisoner in Memphis. Commenced reading D’Anbigue History of the Reformation.

September 24, 1862

In school. Mrs. [Eliza] Dodge here.

September 25, 1862

Mrs. Caldwell sent for me to come up [to see her. She is] going to send her son Walter [to my school]. She has been at Mr. [W. C.] Stout’s and Stout told her to send him to me. Raising conscripts. Willet shot a soldier because he would not fall in rank when Willet told him. He was a soldier and had a pass & had his hand in his pocket to get it out when Willet shot him. Willet ought to be hung.

September 26, 1862

In school. Nothing new.

September 27, 1862

Reading all day. Down the street. Evening, called on Captain [John D.] Adams. Said he would see if I was exempted [from the conscript law].

September 28, 1862

At church. Reading & writing.

September 29, 1862

In school. Had two new boys [join my school].

September 30, 1862

In school. Mathews is going to have Plattenburg to help him teach. Down at Graves’. Captain Syberg came.


The Second Manassas Battle took place between 28 and 30 August 1862 and was, indeed, a decisive Confederate victory for General Lee’s Army of Virginia.

Judge Elbert H. English was about 46 year old at the time. His wife Julia was about 40. Payton D. English was about 16 and would eventually become a Little Rock attorney.

Probably John D. Willett who was Captain of his own Provost Guard company in Little Rock. John Willett (1820-1891) was a native of Alabama who came to Arkansas sometime before 1845 and set up a blacksmith shop in Little Rock.

By this time, Captain John D. Adams was serving as Asst. Quarter Master in the Tran-Mississippi Department of the Confederate Service. Goodrich was still teaching the Captain’s son, Sam Adams and possibly a second son, John (Jr.).

Possibly George Plattenberg, a 31 year-old minister of the Christian Church who lived next door to Dr. Dodge.

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