July 1864

July 1, 1864

At store. Lange sick some. Paid rent to Mrs. Fulton ($31.00).

July 2, 1864

At store. Mr. Schreifer buried his little baby girl today. None of Wiedemann’s family attended. When the baby was dying, Miss [Wilhelmina] Lange went in & told them they had to move. Lange sick in bed at my house.

July 3, 1864

Sunday. At saloon. Evening, Delano Dodge came. (Paid $5.00 to Delano Dodge for medicine.) Got drunk together.

July 4, 1864

In store part of the day. Officers closed us up. Down the street in afternoon. Business dull.

July 5, 1864

At store. Business dull.

July 6, 1864

At store. Business dull.

July 7, 1864

At store. Night, Delano Dodge there. Went with him on a bender. (Paid $8.00 for supper, wine, etc.)

July 8, 1864

Saw federal surgeon. Brought him up to see Mary. (Paid $1.00 for medicine for Mary.) Gave a recipe but would do nothing to take away the child. Mary likes me I know. She is true to me, I think, but Emily told her if she had anything to do with anyone, it should be with some[one] that had money. Emily told her not to have anything to do with me as I was poor & could not support her or give her enough to support her. I always thought that Emily had a spite against me.

July 9, 1864

At store. Mr. Schreifer [and his family] moved into my [former] school room today.

July 10, 1864

Sunday. At store. Mary likes me. She used to have Gus Hudson for her lover.

July 11, 1864

At store. Nothing new. Business rather dull.

July 12, 1864

At saloon. Business pretty good. Rainy a little.

July 13, 1864

At saloon. Business dull. Home early.

July 14, 1864

At saloon. Business dull. Feel sick. Reading French at saloon all day. Mary, I think, likes me very well. She has promised to live with me & be my housekeeper.

July 15, 1864

In saloon. Business dull. Had Mary today.

July 16, 1864

Saturday. Business fine. Took in nearly one hundred and fifty dollars. [My brother] Jim came up today. (Four government boarders came to board on the 16 July, each to pay $10.00 per month.)

July 17, 1864

Sunday. Wrote letter to Epstein & [my cousin] Lucy Stratton. Down at saloon. Business pretty good. Got awfully drunk.

July 18, 1864

In school. Business pretty good today. If [business remains] like today, we will make money. [My brother] Jim & the other Kansas 5th [Cavalry] boys here.

July 19, 1864

At saloon. Tuesday. Went on a spree with McDonald.

July 20, 1864

At saloon. Had a fight – Mr. Lange & a German.

July 21, 1864

In saloon. Went down at four o’clock. The veterans of the 43d Illinois went off. [My brother] Jim went off at two o’clock. Mary told me that Monday night [July 18] of this week, she was delivered. It was very small, dead, & white. There is no doubt but that it is mine. There was not much pain. It could not have been painful as she was not sick from the effects. I am glad it is over. No one knows it but Emily, Mary & myself.

Mr. Lange had a fight with a soldier today. The soldier threw a tumbler at him & hit him on the head. He bled like a butcher. Lange hit him over the head with an iron hammer and he bled like a butcher. I ran for the guards but the men got off.

July 22, 1864

In saloon. Business dull. Cool today. Nothing new.

July 23, 1864

In saloon. Nothing new. Yesterday, [my brother] Jim went north with the rest of the [Kansas] boys.

July 24, 1864

Sunday. At saloon. Business pretty good.

July 25, 1864

In saloon. Lange & I went on a drunk in the evening with McBride.

July 26, 1864

In saloon. Business pretty good. Lange drunk again.

July 27, 1864

In saloon. Business dull. Schreifer’s family & my negroes had a fuss today.

July 28, 1864

At saloon.

July 29, 1864

Got letter from home and one from [my sister] Augusta. One for [Capt.] Syberg.

July 30, 1864

At saloon. At Schreifer’s.

July 31, 1864

Sunday. Wrote letter home. At saloon. Business good.  Lange & I in the afternoon went to Schreifer’s & got drunk.


Many southern businessmen did not want to close their stores on the 4th of July as a form of protest, but the Provost Marshal ensured that the U.S. Federal holiday was respected.

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