June 1865

June 1, 1865

Fast day. Went up to Mrs. Fulton’s. Paid rent of fifty dollars.

June 2, 1865

At saloon.

June 3, 1865

At saloon. Business pretty good. Went on a bum with Adams.

June 4, 1865

Sunday. Went to saloon.

June 5, 1865

At saloon.

June 6, 1865

At saloon.

June 7, 1865

At saloon.

June 8, 1865

At saloon. Business dull.

June 9, 1865

At saloon. Business dull.

June 10, 1865

At saloon. Business dull.

June 11, 1865

Sunday. Saw Mick Egan. Heard that Capt. Syberg had returned. Very warm. Called down to A. Georges. Did not see him.

June 12, 1865

At saloon. Schriefer & I called on Syberg, Had a drink together.

June 13, 1865

At saloon. Business dull.

June 14, 1865

At saloon. Business awful dull.

June 15, 1865

At saloon.  Got letter from Augusta with handkerchief.

June 16, 1865

At saloon. Business dull. The other night, one of Boyd’s ____ came to my house with me, and remained all night.

June 17, 1865

At saloon. Business dull.

June 18, 1865

Sunday. Rainy. Nothing new. Reading a novel called ____ _____, a story scene laid in London. Pretty good.

June 19, 1865

Business dull.

June 20, 1865

Business dull. Saw Syberg.

June 21, 1865

Business dull.

June 22, 1865

Business dull.

June 23, 1865

Business dull.

June 24, 1865

Business dull.

June 25, 1865

Sunday. I was down street around some speculating. Cole, a former Capt. of U.S. Army. Got drunk a little.

June 26, 1865

At saloon.

June 27, 1865

Business dull.

June 28, 1865

Business dull.

June 29, 1865

Business dull.

June 30, 1865

Business dull.


This is the first reference to Capt. Charles H. Cole in Goodrich’s diary. It appears that Cole had some official position in the military government established in Little Rock, perhaps associated with the employment of contraband and the distribution of aid through the Freedman’s Bureau. It is believed that Cole later (in 1870) became a Deputy U. S. Marshal in Little Rock. Goodrich and Cole would eventually marry Connett sisters and thus become brother-in-laws.

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