April 1866

April 1, 1866

Fauche is very bad. He has been out of his head several days. He runs about naked almost. Tending [bar] and writing some. Harry is still here. He is a clerk in Commissary. Col. Ruff & I moved the 17th of March to Dodge’s house near the Episcopal Church. I have a good room. My business is very dull. No news in town.

April 2, 1866

At place. Fauche about the same. Business dull. Paid Col. Ruff $22.00 for rent till first [of] May. Very warm.

April 3, 1866

At place. Business dull. Fauche about the same. Very warm. Nothing new.

April 4, 1866

At place. Rainy. Business dull. Fauche bad.

[Editor’s Note: There are no entries from April 5 through April 9, 1866.]

April 10, 1866

Bought out Fauche [on] the 10th. Borrowed one hundred dollars [from] Syberg and thirty from Mick Egan. I owe Mrs. Egan sixty dollars and Walter thirty-six, and P. Lee thirty-two & a half.

[Editor’s Note: There are no entries from April 11 through April 14, 1866.]

April 15, 1866

Sunday. At home nearly all day. Sick. Feel bad. Don’t make any money & John Harmon keeps bar for me. He doesn’t ask much. I lost fifty dollars playing keno. I was a big fool.

April 16, 1866

At place. Dull. Got letter from [home]. Answered. Nothing new.

April 17, 1866

At place. Dull. Sent letter home.

April 18, 1866

At place. Rained. Business dull. No news.

April 19, 1866

At place. Rainy. John Nixon & I took a walk to the soldier’s grave yard.

[Editor’s Note: There are no entries from April 20, 1866 until May 6, 1866. Entries following are sparse until October, 1866.]

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