Love Interests

The weblinks to this page capture some of the information I have researched regarding Goodrich’s love interests.

Goodrich was married three times, but before he married his first wife, he was infatuated with a young woman named Annie Ward, the daughter of George Taliafero Ward — a wealthy planter and politician in Leon County, Florida. Goodrich taught Ward’s children and those of other planters during the summer of 1860.

Also, before marrying his first wife, Goodrich became intimately attached to a mulatto slave belonging to the Adamson family in Little Rock, Arkansas. Her name was Mary Manly.

Goodrich’s three wives were Jennie Connett, Isadore Beebe, and Juliette Churchill. Goodrich outlived Jennie and Isadore (or “Dora”). He did not marry Juliette until 1897 — and died shortly thereafter.

Between his first and second marriage, Goodrich fell in love with a woman named Elizabeth Daniels. Unfortunately Elizabeth (“Libbie”) was already engaged to be married and though their love appears to have been mutual, she refused to break off the marriage engagement.

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